Our America (2020)

tirc83 / Getty Images
pinterest / #notmylockerroomtalk / NYT
PBS.org / The Guardian
The Guardian / #sharpiegate
NYT / #trumplies
WAPO // Wikipedia “Veracity of Statements by Donald Trump”
Time.com / #qanonconspiracies
The Guardian // NYT
USA Today
NYT: R.I.P., G.O.P. // Psychology Today
Samuel Corum / Getty Images // Time Unite the Right // NYT Proud Boys Celebrate
NYT: Trump Incites Violence
Bettmann/Corbis // New Face of White Supremacy (NYT) // Racial Views of Donald Trump (wikipedia)
REUTERS/Hyungwon Kang
Niki Joshi Systemic Racism // Brookings
Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images // NYT: 8 min and 46 seconds
Joshua Roberts/Reuters // Time: BLM Peaceful Protests
Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images // Respectful Protest
Doug Mills / The New York Times
ABC News
Time.com / Trump insulting Mexicans
Christo Aivalis (YouTube) / Business Insider
DeSmog / #DoNoHarm
Jodelyn Sejour
Bloomberg.com / #ICEraids
Three-year-old Alan Kurdi lying dead on the beach (wikipedia)
WaPo // NYT
The Atlantic
Matthew Busch / NYT
Reuters: Jose Luis Gonzalez // CNN // ABC
American Academy of Pediatrics
Business Insider / GETTY / #defendequality
The Trevor Project
# plannedparenthood
Everytown Research
File photo / novinite.com
AJ+ / Youtube
#DeVos Donations / Forbes
#globalwarming // wikipedia
New York Times // Mueller Report
cbsnews.com / Time.com
#VoterSuppression / wikipedia
#SaveUSPS / Brookings
Aisne-Marne // AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin // The Atlantic
Getty Images / Coretta Scott King / Time.com
#TrumpLackeys / NYT
Mitch Jackson, Esq. on Twitter // Snopes.com
#metoo / Business Insider
CNN Films/Kobal/Shutterstock // NYT
appleinsider.com // The New Yorker
Laura Segall/Getty Images // The Guardian
Tom Mihalek — Reuters // AJMC
60 Minutes // The Hill
khn.org // JAMA: healthcare is a right
FT analysis of data from European Centre of Disease Prevention and Control and the Covid Tracking Project
Columbia University Study // JAMA The Time is Now
Image Credit: AFP / FoxNews
The Hill
Pool photo by Graeme Jennings / cnbc.com
Yahoo! News
American College of Physicians
JAMA Universal Masking
Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast
Trump and Dictators / National Review
Republicans Defending Democracy
Erin Schaff/The New York Times // It’s now or never
ASSOCIATED PRESS // HuffPost // Yahoo! News
Military Times // The Hill
What “The Best People” Say
Atlantic // Just Security: Authoritarianism
Stefan Ruenzel
protect our planet and children
The Lorax // Ekostories
Bryan Woolston / Reuters file
Interaction Institute for Social Change | Artist: Angus Maguire // (see also: Cultural Organizing)
#BLM Peaceful March // Morris/Getty Images // Time
#vote2020 // nwfacts.com // iwillvote




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